Residential and Commercial Block

ECO-Block is a stay in place, Insulating Concrete Forming system (ICF) consisting of 2 inches thick fire retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS) side panels joined with separate high-strength plastic connectors.  Webs of the high strength plastic are molded into the EPS panels 8 inches on center (full height of panel) to provide attachment for panel connectors and to support interior and exterior wall finishes without imposing loads on the EPS.   These webs act as 1 wide furring strips, 24 high.  Concrete with reinforcement is placed between the forms to provide a high strength monolithic concrete wall having excellent fire resistance and high resistance to sound transmission.  

Energy Efficiency

Concrete has a high thermal mass.  So in addition to the insulating qualities of the EPS foam, the concrete in an ECO-Block wall acts as an Energy Reservoir.  Together, the concrete and the EPS foam in a ECO-Block wall provide energy efficiency equivalent to R-40.


  • ECO-Block homeowners save 30-50% on energy costs
  • The Energy Savings continues for the life of the building
  • No insulation settling due to age.

Big Bad Water Luxury Home built with Eco Block.